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Sponsored walk


A group of us went on a sponsored walk to raise some money for Inwoods (my old primary school).  It was a nice 12km trip around Old Winchester Hill and I managed to raise a fair bit of money.

We met up at the Bucks Head in Meonstoke. There were three dogs, and surprisingly more adults than children. First we set off on the road and then we turned to the right as if we were going into somebody’s Garden, but sure enough there was a sign saying public footpath. We walked through a field of tall grasses, went under an archway into the woods and then there ahead of us we saw an old railway bridge.


We then walked on through fields of flax and passed farmyards until we saw Old Winchester Hill. We climbed up and as we got to the top it got very windy. At the top of Old Winchester Hill is an old Bronze Age village. We played king of the hill on the mounds with the dogs until we got hungry so we went to a nice closing of yew trees to eat.

I was just sitting down to get out my sandwich when a girl called Josie cried “a snake, a real snake!” We all looked around and saw a camouflaged adder. In fact, it was so camouflage that Josie had nearly stepped on it. We crowded round to look at this amazing adder. Earlier on that walk my friend Tarn had said that he had never seen an adder before and I thought that it was such a coincidence that we saw an adder that day. The adder was overwhelmed by the lot of us and was curled up in fright.


After we finished eating we cleared up and set off again. We came to an enclosed path that looked like the bottom of a river bed. Tarn and I thought that this was a great place for biking. At the end of the path we came to a busy road that we crossed and went to a village where my friend Harry lived. We met him playing on these amazing go-karts.

We said hello and carried on walking and soon we came to the edge of a roundabout and ended up back in the pub. We had some hot chocolate and that was the end of the day.

I managed to raise £70. A friend of Brockwood said that if we raised any amount of money before the beginning of October he would triple it. Therefore this lovely walk and chance encounter with an adder has made me raise £280 towards an outdoor covered space.

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