Goodwood Sculpture Park

Last Monday, I went to a sculpture park in Goodwood near Chichester with a group from  Heartwood.  We saw some really amazing sculptures there. Two of my favourites were made of lots of sheets of glass stacked on top of each other to make a really nice effect.

IMG_2184One of them was like a tower and had special coat which reflected in different colours. My dad said that they used these type of films on glass buildings to filter the sun rays and for the look a bit like sun glasses.

IMG_2198My other favourite was a staircase that looked like it went on for ever if you looked at at from certain angles.

IMG_2178Each step was made of lots of triangle pieces of glass held together with a metal rod which went through the middle of each step.

There were some other sculptures which were intriguing, like one that was made of mirrors and I could see myself lots of time.

IMG_2219There was one that did not look too interesting from the outside. It was made of two very big pieces of granite which had been carved out and had lovely patterns inside. The inside   could be seen through a small gap. As I am very small I was the only one who could squeeze through the gap.

Through the crack

Finally, there was the one made out of old recycled tyres that looked like a large palm tree. It was made of very long and thin tyre strips that were put on top of a big trunk so they hung like a large leaves.

Rubber palmIt is the only one that I feel I could make myself. I think I could make smaller sculpture like that made of recycled bicycle tyres. May be in Bali?

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