Cutting Our Car Use

All my life I have walked to school. I love cycling and taking the train. When we go to Paris to visit my grand-mother, which we don’t often do – we take the EuroStar – a train that goes under the English Channel. I have only flown once, to India and back. On the whole our family travels little and our car is very small and quite efficient.

But, since I have started homeschooling my father and I have started using the car more often. Where we live, it is difficult not to. Could we use our car less? Possibly.

I found a little book on our shelves which I’d recommend:


It is simple, has some fun drawings and is making me want to leave the car behind and start taking a bus to the swimming pool!

Car poolingDrawing by Axel Scheffler.

If we go to Bali things may be different next year!