The One Planet Challenge

Today, I made a short film to spread the word about my blog:

Like many others, I would like to make the world a fairer place. While most people in developing countries live in poverty, people in the developed world, are consuming most of the resources in unsustainable ways. One way of picturing this is for each person to estimate the amount of land that they need for all that they own and consume (their ecological footprint) and to imagine that everyone else lived like them. Would there be enough place for everybody?

You may have heard things like:

“if everyone in the world lived like the average U.S. citizen, we’d need 5  planets to support ourselves” (source:

Apparently, if everyone lived like an average Indonesian, we would only use two third of a planet and leave one third for all the other species! (Source:

We need to learn to live “as if we only had one planet”. Two NGOs, WWF and BioRegional have been very active promoting the idea and have coined it One Planet Living.

So, can we share resources more equally and reduce our global ecological footprint while improving the quality of life for all?

This is the one planet challenge.