What is Ecoliteracy?

Peak & I

This morning my father was talking about ecoliteracy and I didn’t know what the word meant. It is a fancy word for ‘BECOMING GREEN’. Like learning how to read, it suggests that it is something that can be learned.

In fact, ecoliteracy is a made up word. Made up from two words:
Literacy (“the ability to read and write”) and  Eco which stands for both ecology and economy. (Ecology: “the relationship between organisms and their environment”; Economy: “the management of resources, such as money, materials, and labour”. )

My father says: “to be eco-literate means: the ability to read our environment and understand the consequences of our actions.”


There is a book that is encouraging schools (not just green schools) to help students become ecoliterate.
Here is what they suggest schools should focus on:

1. Developing Empathy for All Forms of Life
2. Embracing Sustainability as a Community Practice
3. Making the Invisible Visible
4. Anticipating Unintended Consequences
5. Understanding How Nature Sustains Life

To find out more: ecoliteracy.org

I am currently learning at home and we are going to see if we can do more activities that help us become more eco-literate.

So what is ecoliteracy?
In a nutshell, it is the ability to read nature and to write a more compassionate world?