Who is Y?

Hello, my name is Yoël; I have just turned twelve and at the moment my dad and I are learning from home, not home schooling, but home learning. We call it that because I’m not just learning from my dad, my dad is also learning from me.  Like an online portfolio and journal, this blog is a way of sharing some of my learning.

Last May, I made a short video to apply for a scholarship to the Green School in Bali and I was offered a part-scholarship. Here is the video if you have not seen it already:


But the story does not stop there… and although it may be difficult financially, my father and I have decided to take a leap of faith and from this coming June, spend a year in Bali to learn and participate in this amazing school. To reduce our environmental impact, and to fulfil a dream of mine, we are attempting not to fly there  – instead we are going to take the Trans-Siberian to Beijing, and travel across South East Asia by train and by boat. We have just started to weave the Green Dream and very soon will start sharing our learning journey on our blog .



4 thoughts on “Who is Y?

  1. This is a great idea! I hope it tells schools and other educative places to learn from you…Life is such a great teacher …if not the best. Good luck to you and don´t give up!

  2. How inspiring Yoel! You are going to have an amazing life because of who you are. It gives me
    hope for the future of our planet to know we leave it in your hands, keep spreading the word Yoel.
    Please give my love and best wishes to your family, and take care of yourself. Victoria

  3. Bonjour Yoël, bonjour à tous,
    Une petite pensée de Paris, ville pas si verte ; nous espérons que ton beau projet aboutira comme tu le souhaites. Félicitations pour l’inventivité et la pédagogie de ta vidéo ; ici, nous sommes verts de rage de ne pas avoir encore trouver à proximité de notre maison un grand arbre à escalader… J’ai vu sur le net des photos de l’architecture de l’école verte de Bali, c’est fantastique. Bonne chance à toi et plein de bonnes choses pour toi et les tiens. Bises.
    Annie & co

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